Emotional Power Training

Emotional Power Training

The Emotional Power Training series is a collection of powerful audio recordings:

You can buy a single recording for $39.95 or the entire series for $97.00. Along with the recordings you will receive a copy of the Anything Is Possible eBook. If you buy the entire series, you will also receive the video PowerTapping: Basic Strategies for Success.


Emotional Power Training! How To Be a Peak Performer (eBook & Audio)

Learn to unlock your potential and shift your mindset to unlimited possibilities by directing your unconscious to make it happen in the language it understands. This training teaches you to embrace the bigger picture, set goals, and skillfully take action to truly be a peak performer in any situation. (32 minute audio plus the Anything Is Possible eBook)


Emotional Power Training! How To Lose Weight and Emotional Eating Solutions (eBook & Audio)

Emotional eating has many causes but when you know those causes, you can more easily prevent it. This program teaches you the difference between physical and emotional hunger, which is the difference between eating to fill a physical need and eating emotionally. You’ll learn how to identify clues that you’re physically satisfied, stop mindless eating, and establish better habits without depriving yourself of foods you love! (58 minute audio plus the Anything Is Possible eBook)


Emotional Power Training! How To Manage Pain (eBook & Audio)

Learn the amazing connection between the emotional state of the brain and pain. Why different individuals do not respond the same way to similar injuries, illness, or disorders is explained – why some recover fully while others remain in constant pain. This program teaches you a simple, easy to learn technique that often works when nothing else will. (34 minute audio plus the Anything Is Possible eBook)


Emotional Power Training! How To Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep (eBook & Audio)

Stress kills! Anxiety suffocates! Lack of sleep makes you miserable! The amazing techniques you will learn in this training to eliminate stress, control anxiety, and get restful, restorative sleep – the real magic potion for health and longevity – is invaluable. You’ll benefit from having better immune function, a calmer more positive mood, and feel more rested and relaxed. (30 minute audio plus Anything Is Possible eBook)


Emotional Power Training! How To Own Rapid Learning Strategies (eBook & Audio)

Just imagine having a remarkable skill that assures you this: “All I need to do to learn anything is to hear it once, see it once, or do it once and I’ll be able to use it right away and for the rest of my life.” Well, you can! The amazing tool you’ll learn in this program applies to students taking tests, athletes practicing new techniques, and learning a new language – anything – with this program, you can become a fast learner! (48 minute audio plus the Anything Is Possible eBook)


Emotional Power Training! – Complete Package

This bundle includes all five Emotional Power Training audios, the Anything is Possible (eBook), and the PowerTapping – Basic Strategies for Success (video).

Savings: $47.65

Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible (eBook)

The art of PowerTapping is introduced in a very interesting and informative way with easy to understand charts and figures, and is also a guide to starting and maintaining a PowerTapping practice. In this eBook you will learn how PowerTapping works at the subconscious level and quickly brings about real change. PowerTapping goes beyond working to manage or diminish a problem or issue – it gets rid of it – permanently.

PowerTapping is a breakthrough approach to problem solving. Using this scientific approach, you will immediately have the tools to eliminate the beliefs and emotions that get in the way of your success. This technique goes way beyond using visualization and positive affirmations. You learn step-by-step procedures for permanent change – change that is imprinted on every cell in your body. You will no longer be held hostage by past experiences or traumas. PowerTapping is a revolutionary path to peak performance, emotional well-being and optimum health. Many people prefer PowerTapping to traditional forms of psychotherapy because it’s simple, has no recurring cost, and it gets quick results. Read Excerpt…

PowerTapping – Basic Strategies for Success (video)

This video includes a step-by-step how-to demonstration of the basic PowerTapping techniques. Your questions will be answered in this stylish, one-on-one interview featuring San Francisco radio talk show host Bonnie Colleen asking Robert Rudelic questions about his working with The Oakland Raiders and other professional athletes, along with his work on the movie set of “The Longest Yard”. (Run time: 46 minutes) Special bonus: footage of Oakland Raiders Training Camp interviews.