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“Robert’s work is truly amazing! Learning his program has completely changed my attitude and beliefs about what’s possible for me. I now have complete confidence in my ability to deal with whatever comes up. Many thanks to you Robert and to your incredible work.”

— Loriel Starr, Health Practitioner and Teacher

“It’s impossible to explain the difference in my life since discovering what Robert teaches. His great work has brought such change in every area of my life I place the highest value on what he teaches. Thank you Robert! Happy me!”

—Teresa Luccketta, Business Owner and Product Spokesperson

“I love that Robert has an almost “tough love”, truth telling approach. He doesn’t let you get away with hiding behind your physical and mental pain and emotions, but instead he has you take them head on and work through them to eliminate them forever. He does not let you be a passive observer to your life and its ups and downs, but believes you make life what you want and no physical or emotional pain can stand in your way.”

—Biasha Mitchell, EventBrite

”Your book is excellently written. You are to be applauded. I was familiar with EFT and had gotten their manual. Yours is far superior. Thanks for the great book.”

—Greg Oakes, Business Executive

“Since learning what Robert has taught me, everything has changed. I don’t have to walk around with so much anger and stress on my shoulders. I’ve been able to do things I never thought I could do. My motto is… 5 Minutes a Day and the Stress Goes Away!”

—Robbie Ashby, College Student and Athlete

“Thanks to what I’ve learned from Robert I’m getting my life back. I knew I was blocked but I didn’t know what it was. After just one session with Robert something shifted – my motivation is back, I have abundant energy and feel empowered. His work is a gift and it has changed my life!”

— Renee’ Bradshaw – Landscape Architect

“I’m good, thanks to Robert. I love him – he literally saved my life! Out of all the self-help, material, this is the greatest of them all!”

—Robert Kirk, Independent Business Owner

“I cannot thank Robert enough for his support and generosity. What he has taught me has honestly changed me forever and I will always be so grateful. I am inspired more than I can express and I have only words of praise and gratitude for his work. I am truly blessed to have met him and experience this in my life. I’m a true believer.”

—Marlene Hoffman, Co-Founder, Naked Minerals

“My income is dependent on day trading stocks. My profession has helped me to realize that nothing creates more stress and/or irrational behavior than having my financial well-being on the line every single day. Robert’s incredible technique is the management tool that has helped me trade better in ways as nothing else I have ever used.”

—Andrew Copperman

“I consider Robert my life coach and a miracle worker. He has helped me through some very tough times dealing with my mental and emotional pain when I felt I was at the end of my rope. Since learning Robert’s work I can now handle the everyday obstacles that come my way. I’m forever appreciative for learning what he has taught me and I use his techniques every day.”

—Sandy Fischer, Executive Administrative Assistant at SL Surgery Center

“Excellent!… I think every player going into a new season is looking for something that will give them and edge, and my work with Robert has definitely done that.”

—Trace Armstrong, President, NFL Players Association

“When Robert taught me his amazing technique that he teaches in his book, I wasn’t sure it would work, but I was amazed to notice while using what he teaches that the issues we focused on had much less troubling importance in my life. I have no idea how it works, but what a find!”

— Bill Rusconi, Violinist San Francisco Opera